How to spend three days in New York City

There’s so much to see and do in NYC, so many new attractions and so many changing neighborhoods that it’s almost impossible to decide how to spend three days in New York City. Here’s a sure way to maximize a short time in the Big Apple by seeing as many iconic landmarks as possible!


Start the day with breakfast at one of the many delis on the Upper East Side. Try out a traditionally prepared bagel that’s a lot more doughy than a regular bagel. Most places that cater to New York’s working population don’t have seating places; no worries, head to Central Park and eat there.

How to spend three days in New York City

After breakfast, head down 6th Avenue to Rockefeller Center. Stock up on cool souvenirs on the lower floors and then go to the Top of the Rock for an expansive view of the Big Apple. The view of Central Park is remarkable.

central park from the top of the rock

Head to the south of Manhattan Island and take the free ferry to Staten Island for a close enough view of the Statue of Liberty, as well as the skyscrapers of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.

view from the Staten Island Ferry


It’s easy to want to stay in Manhattan for the entire three days in New York City. Don’t!
Ride the C Train in Brooklyn and get this absolutely NYesqe shot of the Manhattan Bridge from between these apartment buildings.

Manhattan Bridge DUMBO

Venture a short distance into the Brooklyn Heights and check out the view of the Manhattan skyline. The view is even more spectacular with the building of One World Trade Center.

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn

You’ll be near to the New York City Transit Museum, the largest U.S. museum devoted to urban public transportation. You could then either take a scenic walk back into Manhattan or stay in Brooklyn to experience their nightlife scene at places like Smorgasburg – a flea food market, or Brooklyn Bowl – A bowling alley that features live music and food.

three days in new york

DAY – 3

With a permanent collection of over two million works, the The Metropolitan Museum of Art could easily take an entire day to peruse.
Washington crossing the Delaware

Head South to the Empire State Building where you could get dinner and a few beers at Heartland Brewery and then see the city at night from the observation deck.

empire state building

Of course if you have more than just three days in New York City there’s much more to do. Check out some more New York City Travel Tips for some ideas.


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