Dominica’s Hot Springs provide the perfect relaxation after a long day of hiking on the tropical island.

Most of these hot springs are located in the village of Wotten Waven, where the roads are lined with spas.

These spas make use of the Nature Island’s naturally heated sulphur springs.

Some of the more popular spas, like Screws Spa and Tia’s actually feature a series of artificial pools with different temperatures.

If you want to avoid the “Caribbean kitsch” vibes of Wotten Waven, save some money and also better experience Dominica, then you need to check out these tips on

How to Experience Dominica’s Hot Springs for Free

Screws Spa Dominica

1- At the base of Trafalgar Falls

Relax in a warm, gently flowing sulfuric stream while also enjoying the view of the majestic waterfall and listening to its distant rumble. If the water is hot and you need to cool down you could make the short trek to the waterfall and soak yourself in its plunge pool.

Dominicas Hot Springs Guide

2 – Rodney’s Retreat and Wellness Center

Stop off at this eco-resort in Soufriere for breakfast or dinner, and then take a short hike to a secluded natural hot tub. This hot spring is only about fifteen minutes away and surrounded by lush forest. The only sounds to be heard are the swaying of the trees and the occasional bird.

Rodneys Retreat Dominica

3 – Bubble Beach Spa

There’s an amazing point in Soufriere Bay where the geothermic activity of the island makes the water near the shore pleasantly warm.

The Bubble Beach Spa is free to the public, although a small donation would be appreciated.

This is a cool place to relax and our favorite of Dominica’s Hot Springs, so me made an entire post about relaxing at the Bubble Beach Spa

Welcome to Bubble Beach

There you have it, three free ways to experience Dominica’s Hot Springs. Other than being free, all of these places have the added bonus of allowing you to truly be in nature (since it is the nature island!) instead of in an artificial pool.

Wouldn’t you rather bask in sulfuric springs where you could be admiring a view of Scott’s Head or Trafalgar Falls instead of a building? Wouldn’t you rather soak in solitude listening to the rustling of rain forest trees instead of the chatter of tourists fresh off a cruise ship?


Five Reasons to stay in a Hostel

More and more young people are taking steps to fulfill their dreams of traveling the world. For many, the first step in this direction is to join websites like or

In fact, many people think that budget travel is only possible because of these websites.

It seems that people have forgotten that hostels are another option for cheap accommodation. You need to seek out a reputable hostel wherever you plan of visiting and check them out. Here are my top five reasons to stay at a hostel;


This is a major plus if you’re travelling solo. It’s a definite bonus to have other enthusiastic people to explore a new city with. By hanging out with other budget-minded travelers in a foreign city, you could create your own travel network for future trips.


Unlike social network sites like Couchsurfing and Airbnb, there’s no application review period, no obligation to host someone at your house, no chance of finding your dream lodging and then not being accepted, nothing like that. Just check in, enjoy, and check out.


Some pricey hostels come in at around the same price as a cheap hotel. These cheap hotels are usually pretty seedy with dingy linen, located in dodgy areas. A hostel with nightly charges similar to a cheap hotel is most likely going to be safe and centrally located.


Many hostels have been in operation for over a decade, and even if you have nothing planned or are so overwhelmed that you have no idea where to start exploring a big city; they would have a schedule of planned activity.
Pub crawls, museum tours, shopping trips, walking tours….. the works!


In practice, Airbnb and couchsurfing come across as as much less organized than in principle. The entire hostel experience is much more standardized and straightforward. It’s also fairly easy to estimate a hostel price (generally 10% to 30% of a mid-range hotel price in the area).

Of course there are much more than five reasons to stay at a hostel. There’s the feeling of being around kindred spirits and fellow-explorers, but five reasons are enough right?

And if a hostel is not your style but you still want to travel on a budget, here are Five reasons to book with Airbnb