Hot Dogs: Chicago vs New York

It’s an iconic American food long associated with baseball and summertime. We decided to compare two iconic hot dogs in two major cities to determine who was the wiener. (Get it!)


Both cities (like many others in the U.S.) have their unique regional take on these sausage sandwiches;

Chicago does a grilled frank on a sesame seed bun that’s then “dragged through the garden” and topped with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt.

Hot Dogs: Chicago Vs New York

The NY Dog is simple… a “dirty water” sausage topped with sauerkraut, onions and mustard.

grays papaya

This dogfight has been played out many times and the thing is, both hot dogs taste great.
The Chicago dog wins because of one major factor…

Hot Dogs are an afterthought in New York City, in Chicago they’ve become more than just food.
Hot Doug’s has become internationally famous for the constant media coverage and being able to provide a gourmet experience on a budget. The lines might have been two hours long on weekends, but the conversations on the line were worth it! You could compare your visit with other tourists, or get some helpful insight from locals. The Alligator, Snake, Pheasant, and Wild Boar Sausages and Duck Fat Fries have become a Chicago attraction in its own right apart from the Chicago Dog!

The Wieners Circle has also grown famous for the mutual verbal abuse between the employees and the customers during the late-weekend hours as well as their media coverage as well.

The point here is that the experience of getting a hot dog in Chicago makes it better than getting a hot dog in NYC.

Hot G Dog is a new restaurent run by two former chefs who got Doug’s blessings to continue his legacy of exotic hot dogs and duck-fat fries. Check out our review here

hot g dogs


How to spend three days in New York City

There’s so much to see and do in NYC, so many new attractions and so many changing neighborhoods that it’s almost impossible to decide how to spend three days in New York City. Here’s a sure way to maximize a short time in the Big Apple by seeing as many iconic landmarks as possible!


Start the day with breakfast at one of the many delis on the Upper East Side. Try out a traditionally prepared bagel that’s a lot more doughy than a regular bagel. Most places that cater to New York’s working population don’t have seating places; no worries, head to Central Park and eat there.

How to spend three days in New York City

After breakfast, head down 6th Avenue to Rockefeller Center. Stock up on cool souvenirs on the lower floors and then go to the Top of the Rock for an expansive view of the Big Apple. The view of Central Park is remarkable.

central park from the top of the rock

Head to the south of Manhattan Island and take the free ferry to Staten Island for a close enough view of the Statue of Liberty, as well as the skyscrapers of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.

view from the Staten Island Ferry


It’s easy to want to stay in Manhattan for the entire three days in New York City. Don’t!
Ride the C Train in Brooklyn and get this absolutely NYesqe shot of the Manhattan Bridge from between these apartment buildings.

Manhattan Bridge DUMBO

Venture a short distance into the Brooklyn Heights and check out the view of the Manhattan skyline. The view is even more spectacular with the building of One World Trade Center.

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn

You’ll be near to the New York City Transit Museum, the largest U.S. museum devoted to urban public transportation. You could then either take a scenic walk back into Manhattan or stay in Brooklyn to experience their nightlife scene at places like Smorgasburg – a flea food market, or Brooklyn Bowl – A bowling alley that features live music and food.

three days in new york

DAY – 3

With a permanent collection of over two million works, the The Metropolitan Museum of Art could easily take an entire day to peruse.
Washington crossing the Delaware

Head South to the Empire State Building where you could get dinner and a few beers at Heartland Brewery and then see the city at night from the observation deck.

empire state building

Of course if you have more than just three days in New York City there’s much more to do. Check out some more New York City Travel Tips for some ideas.

Five Photos that you must take in New York City

five photos that you must take in new york city

New York is a city that’s simply filled with unique sights and sounds.

Luckily, you could capture some of these amazing sights with a good camera, the iconic images of this city are practically limitless, but here are Five photos that you must take in New York City!

These shots look amazing at any season, during any time of the day or even at night. These pictures are also super easy to shoot. The only difficulty really is finding these spots, and that’s what we’re here for.


Head on over to this quaint neighborhood and snap a few pictures of Manhattan’s towering skyline, even more amazing with One World Trade Center in the shot now
Manhattan from Brooklyn

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“Down Under Manhattan Bridge, and they put the “O” on the end cause nobody wants to live in dumb” – Jerry Seinfeld.
Try different distances and angles for the perfect shot.
Manhattan Bridge photos that you must take in New York City

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Manhattan looks amazing behind the grid-framework of the bridge. This picture captures the essence of New York City with the connector between the two most popular boroughs.
Brooklyn Bridge

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Far-off views of the Upper East Side and Central Park make the busy city look calm but also captures the fact that New York is a bustling city.
 photos that you must take in New York City

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Aka the Central Park Bridge. On a summer night you could get the city’s lights bouncing off the water, and in winter you could capture the bridge with fresh powder on it over the frozen pond.
Gapstow Bridge is among photos that you must take in New York City

Don’t forget to also go out and take pictures that you think express your style best. Check out this Guide to Visiting New York City and you’re sure to see enough to take your own amazing photographs.

Five New York City Travel Tips

five top new york city travel tips

New York City is one everyone’s bucket list.People fall in love with the city from movies, tv shows, and music. First time visitors are always blown away, and leave hoping to see those bright lights again. Here are Five New York City Travel Tips guaranteed to make sure that you have the best visit to NYC ever! Until your next visit at least.


Once you’re staying for more than 7 Days, an Unlimited Pass pays for itself. This card allows you to ride any Subway train as well as any city bus as many times you want at any time. There are also options for single-use cards and thirty-day cards here
Even with this card, you’ll still be able to do enough walking to really explore the city. Very importantly, never take a cab!

metro card

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The Museum of Modern Art aka MoMa offers free admission on a Friday. Free Night Fridays are sponsored by Japanese Clothing Brand Uniqlo. Unless you’re strapped for cash, go on any other day because lines are long on Fridays and the museum is unbearably crowded. There’s also a Uniqlo store nearby, so you could grab something from the Uniqlo x MoMa collection on the way there and then grab a snack at one of the museum’s restaurants afterward.

moma ny

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest museum in the U.S. with a permanent collection of over two million works. The collections are much more diverse than other art museums. It takes planning and an entire day to explore the seventeen curatorial departments. You could grab a tasty and affordable lunch in the downstairs cafeteria and you could relax on a bench with either a view of world class art or Central Park.

ny met


Hot dogs from Grays Papaya are a great deal and you’ll be eating from a NY culinary icon! Follow our tips on finding the best New York Pizza! Also, if you’re in New York for a more than just a few days, consider buy groceries at Garden of Eden and cook your own meals like a local.

grays papaya


Being a tourist and not a traveler is practically a mantra of the modern millennial traveler and it comes with its benefits. Street-hawkers figure out who the tourists are by observing who looks up at the skyscrapers in Manhattan in amazement. Don’t be that person! Here are our tips on how to not be a Tourist in NYC

Five New York City Travel Tips

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How to find the best pizza in New York City


When visiting New York City, everyone wants to know how to find the best pizza in NYC. Large, thin slices of New York style pizza is a staple of the iconic city, and anyone visiting the big apple wants to experience the best New York style Pizza. You need to know how to find the best Pizza in NYC to avoid eating mediocre stuff that you could find anywhere else in the world.
Follow these tips to ensure that your New York pizza experience is 100% Big Apple!


Everywhere in Manhattan, there’s a sign declaring that a Pizza shop makes the “world’s best pizza”. That place is a tourist trap that probably makes a passable pie that’s nowhere near the best pizza in the city.


Almost every magazine has published the definitive “best new york pizza list”, the problem with these lists are that some of these places drop in quality over the years or sacrifice their quality to deal with massive influxes of new customers.

Lists also try to include every borough of New York. A maker of a list might decide to list three pizzerias from each borough. That means that the fourth best pizzeria from Brooklyn wouldn’t make the list!


Simply walk up to a New Yorker and say, “Hey, I’m looking for great pizaa, Where do you usually buy a slice?”.
This works espacially well in Queens and Brooklyn since many people hanging out there are familiar with the local establishments and daily specials, and in Manhattan where people know where to find the best slice near to their office (often slightly off the beaten tourist path)


This is how you know you have left the typical tourist path and have ventured into sacred, hallowed halls pizza where only local New Yorkers eat. Expect the staff to be straight to the point or even slightly rude. This is by no means always the case, but it is an indicator of awesome pizza in NY.

So now you know how to find the best pizza in NYC!

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